Motion Stills tech arrives in Google Photos

This is rad: Your Live Photos are now automatically stabilized & made more sharable in Google Photos for iOS thanks to direct integration of the Motion Stills app technology that debuted this summer:

Using advanced stabilization and rendering originally used in the Motion Stills app, Google Photos can freeze the background in your Live Photos or create sweeping cinematic pans, turning your Live Photos into beautiful, captivating moments. Easily save it as a looping video and share it with anyone.

This update also includes the ability to sort photos in albums chronologically or by recently added (fear not – this is coming soon to Android and web as well). And, based on your feedback, you can now choose a new thumbnail for faces in People.



4 thoughts on “Motion Stills tech arrives in Google Photos

  1. hi John, I’m still trying to do something similar to this in Photoshop CC. I take a sequence of images shot in continuous shutter mode, and have an Action load these plus blend them into what’s officially there a Frame Animation. Am still working on several possible refinements (masking, pictorial effects, etc.). One initial photographic option is to use a monopod plus a cable release for the camera, and to rotate the “assembly” (to shoot the inputs) – though strangers look upon this with some amazement …

  2. Android comments aside, this is super cool! Nice work Google. Has the resolution limits on the free storage been increased yet?

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