A new iPad stencil drawing tool

Photoshop users have long requested support for angled guides. (But hey, 26 years in, what’s the rush, amirite?) I’d always ask why people wanted these, and a lot of the time it was to aid with drawing in perspective. Rather than simply let traditional PS guides be rotated, I proposed the following:

  • Leverage the overlay that lets PS display a 3D navigation widget. Assuming you’ve never used it, here’s a screenshot. The overlay can be moved independent of the canvas.
  • Allow users to transform 2D and 3D objects to use as stencils—e.g. moving, scaling, and rotating parallel lines (which could be made to converge), French curves, etc.
  • Make drawing tools snap to these shapes, allowing them to be used for tracing.
  • Alternately let them be used as stencils, letting you draw inside or outside them.

Obviously all this can be filed in the Tolstoy-length volume Sh*t I Never Got Implemented In Photoshop, but whatevs.

It all came back to mind when seeing Mopholio’s Stencil, “a new customizable tool for digital drawing, which works as a tool inside the popular Trace App.” Check it out:


[Vimeo] [Via]

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