How To: Changing photo dates in Google Photos

So, now that you’ve downloaded PhotoScan & digitized a bunch of images, how can you give them proper dates? Here’s how:

On, just select the group of photos you’d like to adjust and click “Edit date & time” in the menu dropdown. You’ll be able to shift or set the time stamps, and preview the changes before saving.


Here’s a quick video demo (showing how to edit one image, but applicable to multiple simultaneously):


One thought on “How To: Changing photo dates in Google Photos

  1. Great to have this online photo management solution. Changing date , free up mobile space no longer nightmare. However, waiting long for the bulk or even auto rename function for the photos. In this aspect dropbox done extremely well. Photos taken by different apps with different naming formats saved in different folders of mobile could be integrated by having same naming format. Also it is easy for us to sync to PC if we wish. While the linking of google photo and drive were only one direction. Hard to understand the reason for that.

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