Sh*t gets real: Google acquires AIMatter, maker of the Fabby computer vision app

This won’t seem like much right now, I’m sure—but I’m really excited. Per TechCrunch:

The search and Android giant has acquired AIMatter, a startup founded in Belarus that has built both a neural network-based AI platform and SDK to detect and process images quickly on mobile devices, and a photo and video editing app that has served as a proof-of-concept of the tech called Fabby.

In a lot of ways it’s the next generation of stuff we started developing when I joined Google Photos (anybody remember Halloweenify?). If you’ve ever hand-selected hair in Photoshop or (gulp) rotoscoped video, you’ll know how insane it is that these tasks can now be performed in realtime on a friggin’ telephone.

As to what happens next—stay tuned!



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