“You know the liquid metal guy in T2? Yeah, my teammate wrote him”

I used to enjoy busting out that humblebrag on Google Photos (and before that, at Adobe) where I got to work with John Schlag. Troubles in the VFX industry yielded a windfall of imaging talent for Google (which occupies the former LA office of Rhythm & Hues, FWIW), and we had a real murderer’s row of talent from DreamWorks, PDI, Sony, and other shops. (There’s so much potential yet to realize… but I digress.)

I mention it because I happened across a fun oral history of Terminator 2’s technology, featuring interesting recollections from John & the team (which, I’m very belatedly realizing, included longtime After Effects engineer turned chef/blogger (!) Michael Natkin).

“I’d point to a page and say, ‘Oh, well that looks interesting. How are you going to do that?’ And they’re like, ‘Oh, we don’t know yet.’ I’m like, ‘You people are batshit!’” – John Schlag

Enjoy, and see also “Re-visiting the freakin’ T-1000 walking out of the fiery truck crash.”



One thought on ““You know the liquid metal guy in T2? Yeah, my teammate wrote him”

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