One thought on “Google Photos is hiring

  1. John, I wanted to add you to the list of recipients of my Christmas email with its ‘almost’ seasonal image, but do not have your email address at Google, so sorry this was the only way to ask you for it, obviously do not enter it here, I am sorry I have hi-jacked it your Comments Box.
    PS. I knew you wouldn’t even think of doing that, just bin this missive after a quick response with the detail to The email will give a summary of my present status.
    Sigma have just made a lens which will supersede my having to swap lenses at Goodwood Race car meetings, Powerboat racing and wildlife venues, the 60-600mm, but Canon have just short-changed on their full-frame mirrorless EOS R which is a shame, as already dealers are discounting its price, which might just make it worth it as short-term proposition, but why only a single-slot???!!!

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