David Salesin joins Google Research

“Man, that dude looks eerily like David Salesin,” I thought the other day as I was getting coffee, “but nah, he’s wearing a new-employee badge. But wait, holy crap… that dude is David Salesin wearing an employee badge!”

Perhaps you don’t know his name, but for 11+ years David (a tango-dancing Aikido black belt) led a wing of Adobe Research, and we collaborated on more projects than I can begin to count. Now he’s at the Goog (having led Snapchat research in the interim), teaming back up with several of our fellow Adobe alums. I can’t wait to see what he does here!

Last Monday I began work as a Principal Scientist / Director at Google AI Perception, based in San Francisco. I’m excited to collaborate with so many good friends and colleagues who are already at Google, and, in time, to hire many more. Google’s products and reach are incredibly broad, and so is the mandate for my lab: I look forward to continue inventing tools for creative expression, as well as to begin working on some brand new far-reaching challenges potentially well outside my area of expertise, like applying AI to healthcare. In my new role, I’m energized to grow in new ways, working on projects that, in Larry Page’s words, are “uncomfortably exciting”! 

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