Adobe’s looking for a Neural Filters PM

My excitement about what’s been going on here at the Big Red A is what drew me to reach out & eventually return (scheduled for Monday!). If you are (or know) a seasoned product manager who loves machine learning, check out this kickass listing:

Neural Filters is a new ML/GAN based set of creative features that recently launched in Photoshop and will eventually expand to the entire suite of Creative Cloud apps, helping to establish the foundations of AI-powered creative tools. The applications of these ML-backed technologies range from imaginative portrait edits, like adjusting the age of a subject, to colorizing B/W images to restoring old photos. As the technology evolves so too will its applicability to other medium like illustrations, video, 3D, and more.

The Principal PM will contribute to the strategy definition in terms of investments in new editing paradigms, training models and broaden the applicability of Neural Filters in apps like Photoshop, Fresco, After Effects and Aero!

For some context, here’s an overview of the feature, courtesy of NVIDIA, whose StyleGAN tech powers the feature:

And check out Neural Filters working on Conan O’Brien back at Adobe MAX:

2 thoughts on “Adobe’s looking for a Neural Filters PM

  1. I wish i had the qualifications! But 30 years of professional Photoshop experience probably isn’t what they’re looking for.
    Almost every day, i do tend to try and dream of ways that ML can improve the lives of Ps workers and how it can also help make Ps fun again.
    Do you think passion can be a substitute for an MBA? 😉

  2. Fascinating technology! I’m not a ML guru (or anything else related to ML) AND I’m already retired…so the position isn’t for me. I hope you have a great 1st-day-back at Adobe…congratulations.

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