TinyElvis has (re)entered the building

…at least virtually.

Well gang, it’s official: I’m back at Adobe! Through the magic of technology, I found myself going through orientation yesterday in a desert motel room on Route 66 while my son/co-pilot/astromech droid attended 6th grade next to me. I was reminded of a dog walking on its hind legs: it doesn’t work well, but one is impressed that it works at all. 😌Afterwards we powered through the last six hours of our epic drive down 66 & its successors from Illinois to CA.

The blog may remain somewhat quiet for a bit as I find my sea legs, catch up with old friends, meet new folks, and realize how much I have to learn. It should be a great* journey, however, and I’m grateful to have you along for the ride!

*Mostly 😉:

5 thoughts on “TinyElvis has (re)entered the building

  1. I remember feeling happy for you, but sad for the people that followed your blog when you moved to Google. You always managed to find such interesting content, and showed us some amazing illustrative works. I’ve just remembered that your blog was the first thing I clicked on when I sat down at my computer in the morning (I’m in NZ).

    Things have been getting interesting at Adobe in the last couple of years, with their Sensei AI working like magic on things like selections, so you’ll no doubt have some great times ahead of you. Please please please get back to your blog once you have settled in. Maybe we’ll see you at a MAX one day when the world gets less crazy. I’ll be sure to say hello.

  2. Welcome back to the mothership!
    I gotta show you my hacked Layers(Slayer) t-shirt…

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