In Dust we Trust

Sometimes you just know you’re among your people. A few years ago, when I was new to Adobe San Jose, someone parked & more or less abandoned a car in the West Tower parking garage. After a few months the car’s windows had grown almost totally opaque, coated by the unending flow of construction-related dust. And so, in classic Photoshop style, someone had drawn in the dust a little tabbed palette with a slider marked, “Opacity: 80%.” Yeeeah, thass’ my geeks
I thought of this when seeing the work of “dust artist” Scott Wade. Scott makes his filthy Mini into a canvas for reproducing everything from da Vinci to dogs playing poker; check out a gallery of his work. [Via] Maybe now I can convince my wife that I’ve been prepping my once-blue Jetta to be an artistic medium, not just letting it go to seed…
[For more on impermanent works, see previous entries on artists working in packing tape and chalk.]

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  2. Hello John,
    I actually like very much this “piece of art” dogs playing poker. Actually dust art is pretty cool, I have a friend who keeps his car dirty just to turn it into canvas and make these unbelievable drawing…

  3. I know this is an old posting, but I just wanted to say that I appreciated the Chemical Brothers reference in the title. Great track from a great album.
    [Heh–I try to sneak in good bits when I can. Now, when can I find some excavation-related topic that’ll let me say “Dig Your Own Hole”? –J.]

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