Building the Brain Trust: Adobe acquires Pixmantec

Though by now you may have seen the news elsewhere, I’m happy to report that Adobe has announced plans to acquire the raw image processing technology of Pixmantec. (More details are in this FAQ.)
Adobe Camera Raw is already the overwhelming favorite raw converter (see p.23), and we’re delighted to have one of the world’s best raw-processing developers, Michael Jonsson, joining Thomas Knoll, Mark Hamburg, & the rest of the ACR/Lightroom team. It’ll be great to see what this incandescent group can do together, and we’re looking forward to being joined by business-savvy Pixmantec co-founder Kenneth Tang Laerke as well.
Welcome aboard, guys!

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  1. I sure hope they use Pixmantec’s workflow and user interface. It’s heads and shoulders above Bridge–faster to sort through images from a large shoot. Although I don’t like the direction Pixmantec took with their last release.

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