Caber tosses, severed Yak heads, &c.

When not enslaved in some email gimp-dungeon, Photoshop/Lightroom folks like to fire up the ol’ cameras:

  • Sporting a heeuuge craaanium as I do, I figured I’d fit right in at the Highland Games in Pleasanton*. So I did, and I came away with this gallery of caber tossing**, a “hairy coo” (w/drawing of same), birds of prey–oh, the obligatory white guys showing some leg.
  • Adobe pro photography evangelist George Jardine (of Lightroom podcast fame) just returned to San Jose with terrific galleries of China and Tibet. Sadly, at least one Tibetan hairy coo didn’t fare as well as its Scottish counterpart.

* The Games’ site seems about as archaic as the games themselves.
* It’s tough not to make it look like the tossers are getting gored by giant cigarettes; apparently someone at Worth1000 agrees. My wife suggests the games be sponsored by a new brand of smokes, “Pall Maul.”

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  1. I love one of the Tibetan photos, how do we contact George Jardine to purchase a print?
    [Cool! I’ll forward George your message and see what he says. –J.]

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