Flying with your cam? Better bring a pistol.

Having borrowed some nice photo gear from the Photoshop QE locker this weekend, I’m getting acquainted with the travel pains it brings. New TSA rules mean anything from hassle (at best) to smashed glass, lost lenses, etc. This state of affairs drives quite a bit of commentary from photogs, culminating with a rather brilliant suggestion: why not ensure the safety of checked gear by packing a starter pistol in each camera case? Check out the post for full details, and happy shooting (ba-dum, tssch!). (Hmm, I wonder if a Jerky Cannon would suffice?) [Via Andrew Shebanow & William Gregory]

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  1. Of course it should be noted that packing your cameras with a sidearm (starter pistol or something more substantial) when traveling to other places within the US is a possibility, it will lead to jail time if traveling to many other countries.

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