Lucha Loco; Bomber Boneyards

  • What blanco niño doesn’t like to to don a rasslin’ mask and live the life of a luchador? (Call me El Tryptophan, master of the sleeper hold.) Er, maybe it’s a Jack Black/Jack Nack thing. In any case, Lucha Loco is a set of more than 120 portraits of masked Mexican wrestlers, complete with biographical bits. (“I teach Tae Kwan-Do. I’m black-belt. And I’m also in sales,” says Dr. Muerte. See also Super Porky and others in the gallery.) [Via]

    For more lucha goodness, check out these pix from the Golden Age of Mexican cinema (viva El Santo!).

  • Night photographer Troy Paiva (aka Lost America) has posted a beautiful gallery of shots taken at an airplane boneyard at El Mirage Dry Lake. Joe Reifer has another good set from the same spot.
    Meanwhile TerraServer hosts a satellite photo of the place the AMARC boneyard. [Via] And Flickr features a photoset of a derelict communication outpost, remnants of the Cold War DEW Line. [Via]

  • Okay, this has nothing to do with anything besides pointy metal things flying through the air, but FYI in case you’re planning to judge any javelin competitions: you may want to wear some sturdy insteps.

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