0 thoughts on “New vids: After Effects 7 + Flash 8 Integration

  1. Okey, here’s a (very minor) but nice application of that, I think: on http://www.agenciatudo.com.br, there’s a green card at the bottom of the screen. When clicked, the user zooms in to it. Then, when clicked again, the card flips and on the back of the card you see a contact form showing.
    The card flipping was done with After Effects 7. Granted, it didn’t use any kind of magic integration, but it was seamless alright: I just imported the card PNG into it, made a transition with the card moving “up” and rotating 180″, rendered it as an .AVI movie with alpha channels (unmatted!) with 100% lossless quality, imported into Flash, re-encoded it into a FLV with alpha channel, and bang, there it is: working Flash, and the user doesn’t even have to notice it’s a video.
    The flipping animation takes around 60kb.
    [Nice! Thanks for sharing this example. It’s a good-looking site overall. –J.]

  2. Other than paying $40 for a Dr. WooHoo component, anything new on the “Flash Export” front when it comes to fixing RGB color shifts on export from Flash (to Illus, AE)? Still trying to keep as vectors.
    Referring to comment from Previous June
    [Hmm–I haven’t seen anything announced, but I’ll certainly run this by the Flash team. You’re talking about changes to the actual RGB numbers, not just their appearance on screen (via color management), right? As I recall, Flash has been exporting AI7 files forever, and therefore RGB values get converted to CMYK. –J.]

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