Lightroom, as rendered by Flex

Wow–now here’s something you don’t see every day: Adobe Flex used to simulate Adobe Lightroom. Juan Sanchez of ScaleNine was inspired to create a skin for Flex (Adobe’s framework for creating Flash applications), resulting in a Flash app that walks and quacks a lot like Lightroom (at least in basic functionality; image browsing, manipulation, etc. aren’t hooked up).  Source code is downloadable from the homepage.  A few thoughts spring to mind:

  • Last summer Photoshop engineer Pete Falco hooked up a Photoshop plug-in that displayed 3D in an OpenGL window that was surrounded by Flash UI that looked like Lightroom; trippy.
  • Lightroom has the Flash Player embedded, so I can imagine someone developing UI bits for Lightroom using Flash/Flex (maybe not the most direct way to go, but seemingly possible).
  • Now, what was that about a hosted Photoshop? 🙂

[Via Tom Hogarty]

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  1. a bit side-topic: some time ago you’ve provided small sample of flash interface running inside photoshop which could run scripts or even use api (?). since cs3 is shipping already- is that functionality finished and documented somewhere? can’t find any info in scripting guide. should i register and check api docs? thanks.
    [Let me check on that. FYI there is an MXML source file along side the SWF and JSX files in your “Scripting Guide/Sample Scripts/JavaScript” folder; drop the JSX file onto PS to see it in action. As it happens I plan to post info on this subject tomorrow or the next day. –J.]

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