CS3 tryouts now available

I’m pleased to relay the news that 30-day tryout versions of the Creative Suite 3 family are available for download from Adobe.com.  (Photoshop Extended is here.)   Only English versions are ready at the moment, but other language versions should follow in a few weeks, via the same URLs.

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  1. Yep, PS is there, just the extended version though. Even if you select the, um, un-Extended version – you get the Extended version to try out.
    [That’s correct. If you’re trying the app, you may as well see the full complement of what’s available. –J.]

  2. I uninstalled the PS CS3 beta, but i can’t trial the full extended version, i just get, your licence has expired and no evaluation period. Anyway around this as i wanna try the 3D stuff out?
    [I don’t know of a solution offhand, but I’ve got a message in to tech support requesting more info. In the meantime, if you haven’t done so already, I recommend running the clean-up script. –J.]

  3. Hi – Looking for a little experience and “wisdom”, as mine is clearly outdated. I purchased Photoshop 6.0 several years ago and am now considering updating the software. After speaking with Adobe tech guys, I learned that Version 6.0 isn’t upgradeable, and that I need to purchase CS2 – a much bigger investment than anticipated. To this end, I downloaded the free 30 day trial version of Photoshop CS2 yesterday, with the hope of previewing new features since Photoshop 6.0 release. I have not been able to successfully edit existing Photoshop files created in Version 6.0 or using CS2 – and I have no idea why. Does this have something to do with the Trial aspect of the software? Is this functionality disabled or is my knowledge of photoshop so outdated that my approach to editing is wrong?
    Help! I’ve fallen down and can’t seem to get up! CS2 is too expensive an investment to make without really test-driving the ap… Thanks in advance for all those bright ideas out there….
    [I’m not sure about that, Yvette; I haven’t heard of any other problems with editing older files. This isn’t related to running in tryout mode. –J.]

  4. I’ve spent about eight hours today so far trying to get PS CS3 running in trial mode. First it took forever and the clean script at level 1 just to install the dang thing without the blasted “PS CS3 conflicts with PS CS3” msg.
    Now it’s installed but I get “Problem with Trial – problem loading trial period for Adobe Photoshop CS3” after the serialnumber-trial choice at PS startup. I’ve reformatted my C: drive, reinstalled XP, run the clean script at level 4 several times, feeding it “Program Files” on all my hard drives, reinstalled PS CS3, and can’t get the dang thing to run as a trial.
    I’ve spoken with five tech support people so far (“Cindy” is a gem) and am trying to maintain some composure but this is crazy.
    Any ideas? Thanks.
    [Good grief–sorry to hear about all that. Unfortunately you’re already in better hands than mine, and I don’t have other suggestions. –J.]

  5. My God I just read that post about the PS trial not running. I’ts from May 2007!!!
    It’s March 2008, has anyone figured this out. I need this for a class and three weeks later my instructor has caught on that I am using Adobe elements. Does anybody know how to crack this. I used the same ritual Alex used cleaning the levels, took my OS out to eliminate all adobe software and I still can’t get the trial version to run. I even paid for a DVD and got it and it did the same thing that the download did. Uncle. All I see are forems where people are complaining about this same problem.”Unable to run trial version, not available” Has anyone had any results???

  6. Co. wanting to upgrade software. been trying CS3 and Vista 32bit – illi shuts down 9 x out of 10 when I open a .cdr file. Any input on CS3 versus updrading our Corel? I know the owner really wants to move to vista and CS3. I’m new so I need guidance. We want to be able to use all of our old .cdr files. Please help quick.

  7. im trying to download the free version of photoshop cs3 on my windows vista desktop and it does the initial download but when the application is on my desktop i then go to setup and it goes on to system check then it says cannot continue til i have closed internet explorer but it is closed? would you be able to help?

  8. It’s May 20, 2008 and I get the same problem with the PhotoShop CS3 extended “trial” version. It installs (CS3 Bridge works!) but I get the “problem with trial” error message. I’ve tried every hard drive cleanup I know of – a complete folder and regedit purge of ALL adobe software after a “perfect uninstaller ” uninstall and CS3Clean script, (including an install on a virgin XP Prof OS with SP2 (dual boot mode)).
    Has anyone anywhere solved this issue with the trial period loading problem? I’m tempted to try the “OEM versions” for $99 bucks + 7$ credit card fee, but those guys seem to be in the Netherlands and NEVER return eMail inquiries, so that’s probably Bogusville. So I’m in a quandary as to the utility of going from Ver. 6* to Ver. 10 without some tryout. Any ideas, anybody?
    * I use mostly layers and channels in Ver. 6, but I have a growing interest in making panoramas (see autostitch website at //www.cs.ubc.ca/~mbrown/autostitch/autostitch.htmlfor free demo) with my new nikonp5100 and CS3 may have a useful tool or two.

  9. I have the same problem with the Photoshop CS3 trial. I understand why software companies have increased measures to prevent piracy and illegal use of their products, but I’ve been a loyal Adobe customer since 1996. I have invested a lot of money in Adobe products and have recommended them to friends, family and customers. I’m appalled to find that I can’t tryout Photoshop CS3, (tried installing it on a brand new Vista Home Premium 64bit system)and from my research today it seems likely that I will not be able to run ANY Adobe trial programs in the CS3 Suite. I’ve spent a lot of time trying all suggested troubleshooting methods I could find — time I should have been spending on my client projects.
    I’m more than furious. I was considering a Web Premium Suite upgrade as my Dreamweaver Suite and my Photoshop programs are getting to be a bit long in the tooth. This experience makes me want to run as far from Adobe as I can.

  10. Hi. I downloaded a trial version of DW-CS3. I subsequently bought CS3 Web Premium. After the trial period, I uninstalled the trial and installed CS3. I get the message – Licensing has expired. I have sinced renamed flexnet & cache, moved the tsf.data file to the desktop, reset flexnet to manual, deleted CS3 files in my AppData..Adobe folders. I’ve run CS3Clean. Also tried Acrobat Vista patch (per a tech) just in case that would help. I saw the DW9 patch which is for CS3 but there was no link to download it. There were just two links to text files for non-English users. When I try to install Dreamweaver, it looks successful at first – installing the icon in my start menu – but then gives a message that licensing has quit working. Have also spent almost 4 hours on the phone with various techs. I’d really like to get this resolved and get to work on my website. Ref # is 180214691. Please help!!! Pls respond to pgrew@austin.rr.com in case I never get back to this website. Thanks! Susan

  11. Wow. This “trial” makes me very disapopinted in Adobe.
    [How so? If you don’t say anything usefully specific, there’s nothing we can do to improve. –J.]

  12. I too can’t try the new version because I had a trial of one of the other products from adobe and thanks to the SPYWARE like tracking data they put on your hard drive even after I reformated and reinstalled my OS I can’t try the new product because I had PURCHASED one of their previous products. Great business model there adobe! One product per customer!

  13. So I talked to a person at school who was having the same problem. Seems he was on the phone with adobe for hours and in the end they said he would just have to low level reformat his hard drive to get rid of the SPYWARE that adobe puts on your computer. Its no better than putting a VIRUS on our computers what they are doing. You don’t mess with a person’s boot sector man its RUDE.
    Adobe, you suck, you will -never- get another penny out of me. I have never cracked a adobe product but it looks like now thanks to the DRM I don’t have a CHOICE but to crack it. I can’t even use my legal version because of the damn DRM. So fine Adobe, have it your way. You have a very secure product that no one can use. Good job!

  14. Same here! Can’t get the trial version to work even after a year. What’s more, uninstalling the software takes more time than uninstalling a full-fledged 3D application!!!
    I hope somebody sues adobe for such low standards! and I hope Macromedia comes back and defeats these bunch of losers!

  15. FF,
    […hope Macromedia comes back and defeats these bunch of losers!]
    Are you not aware that Adobe acquired (swallowed) Macromedia a few years ago? 😀

  16. I’ve been trying all day to install a brand new CS3 after having used the trial version some time ago. I have done every cleanup I can think of, and I still get the message that only one program can be installed at a time. I’ve checked processes, I’ve rebooted numerous times, I’ve scoured my computer for any mention of cs3, and I still can’t install it. Is there something else I can do?

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