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  1. They look the same as the ones on the 2nd DVD that comes with the box version. Are there any in one place that aren’t in the other?
    [That I don’t know. It’s entirely possible that the online repository will be updated with ones that didn’t make it onto the disc. (And in any case lots of people don’t find the ones on disc.) –J.]

  2. Hey John, the conference today in my college here in Brazil was great. Everyone really enjoy it. We hope that you come back more times to show new versions of Photoshop and other Adobe products.
    Thanks, bye
    [Cool, thanks for having me, Leslei. You guys were one of the best, most enthusiastic audiences I’ve met in a very long time! Obrigado. 🙂 –J.]

  3. Very good videos. I am watching them intently. They are clear, to the point, professional. That’s the way I like it. Good work to all of them. Keep it up. I would like to see more on the scientific applications of extended.

  4. This is a quite visually appealing page. However, several of the videos do not play properly; stopping after a few seconds / minutes. It would have been thoughtful to have included a “report bad link button” in each playback screen. Thanks, R.
    [Thanks for the heads-up; I’ve passed along your report. –J.]

  5. Hi Robert,
    Thanks for your feedback on the videos! Our team is currently investigating the source of the problem regarding loading the videos. If you have further feedback, you can access a feedback form in the Video Workshop. In the Details area (beneath the list of videos), there is a “Give Feedback” button. Submitting feedback using the form that opens goes directly to our team.
    Barry – Regarding whether there are videos in one place and not the other – the answer is “yes there are”. The Web version contains some videos that are not on the DVD (for example, several tutorials on Version Cue). Currently there are only seven additional videos on the web, but we will continue to add videos to the online version over time. Notably, we’ll release a large set of new videos on Production Premium when that suite is released.
    Thanks again for your feedback,
    Adobe Systems.

  6. Hi John; I deleted Bridge Home from my Favorites in Bridge before realizing it had a value. Where is it so I can put it back (a search for Bridge Home did not turn it up).
    Thanks keith
    [Keith, try going into Bridge preferences, under General, and turning on Bridge Home. –J.]

    [I love you, too, but your dumbass spam URL can’t come along for the ride. –J.]

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