knowhow: Flash-powered help inside Illustrator

"You know more than we do."  That’s the simple, and powerful, thought behind "knowhow," a new Web-savvy part of Illustrator CS3.

Using a Flash SWF file running inside an Illustrator panel (palette), knowhow is designed to provide information about tools and topics right within Illustrator. The feature offers help information for over 100 Illustrator-related topics—including all tools and panels.  As you use various shortcut keys while using a tool, the appropriate hint term highlights in context, making it possible to find more info about it.

The really interesting part, though, is that instead of searching only Adobe-made Help, knowhow queries social bookmarking site  Anyone can add content to the knowhow page, meaning the Illustrator community can enhance the info available inside Illustrator. That’s a key part of the vision we’re pursuing as we Flash-enable Photoshop and other Adobe desktop tools.

To see knowhow in action, check out the online demo on Adobe Labs, or bring up the panel inside Illustrator (download tryout); it’s under Window->Adobe Labs.   For the full details, check out the FAQ (PDF) and visit the knowhow forum.

0 thoughts on “knowhow: Flash-powered help inside Illustrator

  1. so.. is this an official answer from adobe regarding cs3 european pricing?
    i’d say it’s very lame response into Danielle Libine study on Adobe pricing in the EU.
    not to repeat, hardmac quite clearly points to most incompetent and absurd quotes:
    i really hope we’ll get much louder statement and confirmation of adobe’ strategy in EU at soon before further proceeding to responsible institutions.. :s

  2. Knowhow doesn’t find my internet connection. Illustrator finds the internet because it looks for and finds updates. Could the problem be that I have a US English version of Illustrator but a German IP?

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