New Adobe Exchange goes live

Last year the Adobe Web team integrated the former Macromedia and Adobe Exchanges into a single content repository.  A number of customers complained about slow performance and difficulty navigating the new site, so the Web team has been hard at work conducting interviews & building a revised system.  The new Adobe Exchange launched today as a beta, using an HTML interface in place of the former SWF UI.  (You can find Photoshop-related content here.)  If you have feedback for the Web team, please let them know via the Exchange forum.

0 thoughts on “New Adobe Exchange goes live

  1. Major headline in there somewhere: “Adobe abandons Flash on its own website, to follow MTV and others…”
    I think it would good time to remind everybody that are multiple tools and technologies available today, many of which Adobe has nicely covered, but not all of which are equally appropriate for all tasks at hand.

  2. The Exchange needed a browser back button, and a way to open links in a new window in order to be useful.
    Much better! Thank you Adobe!
    The Flash site was painful and in my case caused me to look elswhere for a while.
    Nice to be back.

  3. Yep – I’m not a Flash Basher by any means but it’s use on exchange added nothing and stopped a lot of basic browser things working properly (please let me middle click my links!).
    The performance issues probably could have been fixed without switching to HTML (and the servers could do with being a little snappier still!) but it was a pointless use of Flash with no added benefit and was only hurting the reputation of the FLash platform.

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