My life as a CS3 icon

Well, it was probably bound to happen: after getting irradiated with 500+ comments on the CS3 icons late last year, I have now turned into a series of Adobe icons myself!

This portrait was created by the talented and innovative Greek illustrator Charis Tsevis (profile, portfolio).  I mentioned his work in January & was delighted to receive this image in return.  It’s now hanging on the Photoshop floor and is being creatively desecrated by passersby (devil horns, soul patch, and probably more added by now).  Charis creates photomosaics using Photoshop (tutorial in Greek, but worth scrolling through) and Synthetik Studio Artist.

Speaking of the CS3 icons, at least they didn’t cause epileptic seizures (so far as I know) or draw the kind of scorn reserved for the new London 2012 Olympic logo: "[V]ariously derided as an uninspiring emblem, a puerile mess, an artistic flop…
the emblem was likened to a ‘broken swastika’ and a ‘toileting monkey.’" Jeez–maybe they should have gone with a two-letter mnemonic ("LO?" "OG?") and drawn less of a beating. [Via Thorsten Wulff]

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  1. I expected you picture to be mostly Photoshop icons, but I’m disappointed you don’t have more “InDesign” in you πŸ™‚

  2. There seem to be predominate grey parts in the hair πŸ™‚
    [Heh–yeah, and I look kind of jowly. At least there still *is* hair, as the “paths of glory” haven’t crept visibly backward. –J.]
    Very cool though.
    Yes, the logo fiasco for London 2012. If you would like to see some other samples than goto
    which was my fav. shortlisted one, apart from our entry πŸ™‚
    [Very cool indeed. –J.]

  3. HA! The funny thing is that it was necessary to say: She said a five-second section of the animation, rather than the logo itself, had prompted the [seizures].
    I’d seen the 2012 logo a couple times without really looking at it and thought, “Aren’t the Beijing Olympics in 2008?” I was actually confused when I saw “London” in it.
    This is funny: London Olympic logo boosts love for Chinese seal
    It really looks pretty good: Road to 2008 – Image & Look

  4. just wanted to add, that i’m very happy with the new icons. artless is exact the right thing for icons for such programs.

  5. very cool pic, should have made it from all PS icons, old and new.
    i didn’t know people hated the new icons. i friggin’ love them! i have been wanting to shove those feathers up someones rear-end since the first time i saw them. i mean one feather for photoshop two feathers for imageready!?!!? that was so retarded.
    [Heh–maybe it’s because it’s late in the afternoon and I just slogged through a training class on intellectual property, but I got a good laugh from this comment. I certainly wasn’t psyched about the Photoshop eye going away; in the big scheme of things, though, NBD. –J.]

  6. John,
    Please do not judge all British Design by this crass example. Someone obviously heard all about the Emperor’s clothes, and since it is all tied up with political string, the con succeeded. Us poor taxpayers have to foot the bill.

  7. You should get a tox screen. It looks like there’s a lot of fluorine and bromine in your hair.
    I softened a little on the periodic table icons when I found myself just using the color blocks to identify icons. Unfortunately, I’m finding there’s not enough color difference between Bridge and Indesign for that strategy to work well. So now I’m working on thinking “Bromine” when I want to work with files and “Idaho” when I want to do page layout.

  8. Hey John, how about Zoomifying that so we can get a closer look?
    [Done. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the suggestion, Lynn. –J.]

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