Great new Flash galleries for Lightroom

Here’s a little Friday afternoon treat: the Lightroom team has been working with Felix Turner, creator of the excellent Airtight Flash galleries, to integrate support for the galleries.  Lightroom engineer Andy Rahn has posted three gallery templates on the LR team blog, along with installation instructions.  Here are examples I generated using each one:

What’s really sweet is the way the Adobe Flash Player is directly integrated into Lightroom, so that as you adjust the specific parameters for each gallery (image size, colors, number of rows/columns, etc.), you see the results immediately. With other apps you’d need to set parameters, export, review the results in a browser, go back to the authoring tool, tweak, and so on.

I think this is a sign of more good things to come, and if you’re a Flash developer who’s like to integrate with Lightroom, drop me a line.  We’ll work on updating the galleries to run in the new Bridge-based Adobe Media Gallery (which uses the same engine) as well.  To use PostcardViewer directly from Photoshop, see previous.

0 thoughts on “Great new Flash galleries for Lightroom

  1. What would be great is to have these gallery types as Flex components… if only because I’m too lazy to build one of my own at the moment.
    [Felix sells SimpleViewer-Pro for Flash. I’m not sure about components for Flex. –J.]
    Seriously though, nice stuff.

  2. Remember the posting on Safari 3 and color management? The flash slide show I tried gives colors that are a lot different than colors in my usual HTML template.
    I’m using Safari 2 on the Mac, and I conclude that flash web pages do not handle color profiles the way HTML pages do.
    [The issue is that Flash doesn’t handle color profiles the way Safari does. (In my opinion it should, but that’s not an open-and-shut case.) An image displayed through Flash should look just as it does in Firefox or IE–that is, having no profile attached. To make the image look the same in Flash and Safari, omit the ICC profile when saving via Save for Web. –J.]

  3. Great! I love it! What a nice suprise to add this to lightroom! I used simple viewer in combination with iphoto. But ever since lightroom was released I deleted iphoto.
    Just one thing I can’t find were to make the thumbnails smaller.
    Maybe a very stupid question, but where can i find this?
    [Glad you like ’em. 🙂 As for thumbnail size, I’ll ask. –J.]

  4. “To make the image look the same in Flash and Safari, omit the ICC profile when saving via Save for Web.”
    What I’m hoping for is not color consistency on my computer among different browsers, it’s consistency on all computers using a color managed browser such as Safari.
    Using Lightroom HTML web templates and images with color profiles it’s theoretically possible for others to see images on their computers the way they look in Lightroom on my computer.
    [Yes–a situation that didn’t exist before a few weeks ago. –J.]
    Using Lightroom Flash web templates with untagged images means it’s anybody’s guess what they will look like on another computer.
    “The issue is that Flash doesn’t handle color profiles the way Safari does. (In my opinion it should, but …”
    I agree with you.
    [The Player team has to balance this request (which, frankly, they’re not hearing from Web designers, whose heads remain–as mine was for a long time–in the sand) against many others. They also have to take very seriously concerns about runtime performance & impact to the player’s size. We’ll keep trying to devise a creative solution. –J.]

  5. Does anyone know how to post a slideshow to a Blog at Not even sure if this is possible. Thank you

  6. I just got LR for my mac. What is the best way to incorporate the web pages I created in LR with the ones I have already done using BBEdit? I sent a test export to my server and can goto the LR pages I created but I can’t go back to my original pages.

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