Of Dilbert, Hipsters, & Samurai Hamsters

  • Dilbert creator Scott Adams has posted descriptions & photos of how he draws Dilbert in Photoshop via a Cintiq monitor. [Via]
  • Oogmerk Opticians show how overconceptualized eye furniture can make anyone look like a hipster.  (Too bad one of the "after" images isn’t labeled "Adobe UI Designer." ;-))
  • Through Christopher Koelle’s blog I found Justin Gerard, who has created a heck of a portfolio featuring Samurai Hamsters and more.
  • In Holland a coke-addled driver created some impromptu land art (illustration of a sort) while trying to evade police. [Via Reen Bodo]  Elsewhere fruit flies make their own weird illustrations when exposed to cocaine. [Via]
  • I love the illustrations on these White Stripes limited-edition USB thumb drives, featuring Jack, Meg, or both. [Via]
  • The Strange Maps blog features and interesting map of the US, with states labeled according to countries with similar gross domestic products. [Via]  And on a related note–and back on the Lego tip–kids are creating a massive Lego map of the US.
  • Iconfactory offers a beautiful set of Dia de lost Muertos icons. [Via]

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