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James Duncan Davidson has figured out an easy way to carry one’s photo selects around on an iPhone: By setting up a synched folder in iTunes (which manages what goes onto the phone), you can export JPEGs from Lightroom and have them automatically appear on the phone.  By saving an export preset, you can make this a one-click operation.  More info is in James’s post. [Via]

As I remain stuck on my phone’s activation screen (I’m starting to think that the AT&T logo is some kind of ball gag), I can’t confirm the steps myself, but they sound straightforward.  Also, if you’re a Photoshop Elements on Windows, you can synch easily; Apple shares the details here.

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  1. The opposite would be even more interesting to me, a “phone cam cleanup” to take all the photos I have shot on my mobile, tweak the LR settings once to make them look good, and then auto-apply them to all incoming photos from my mobile.
    [Cool idea. You should be able to do just that using LR’s Auto Import functionality (see File->Auto Import). You can tell the app to watch a particular folder, and on import it can apply settings, metadata, and naming. –J.]

  2. Well, you can always punt on the “phone” part of the iPhone and use DVD Jon’s tricks for setting up the Phone without AT&T’s help. At least you’ll have a cool iPod / web tablet.
    [Ah, thanks for the info. I’m just whining, I guess, as I (like everyone) have gotten used to immediate gratification. I’m hoping we’ll have some luck twisting the phone company’s arm so that they do the right thing. (Why they’d need to be convinced, I have no idea.) In the meantime, I want to avoid getting into any hackery. –J.]

  3. This is cool, I also like how you can import from the iPhone to lightroom.
    John, I have to ask, have you tried the double hard reset to fix the activation issue. I know a couple of people that this worked for. I’m guessing you have, but just incase
    remove from dock, hard reset the iPhone (press and hold the main and the top buttons for 6 seconds). press the top button, let come up and repeat. put in dock after the second startup and see what happens.
    [Thanks for the info, Scott. As I say, I don’t want to hack/break the phone; I want AT&T to let me use it with my phone number!! –J.]

  4. I newer want to import photos from my iPhone into Lightroom. Is there a way to disable the auto-import window? (without loosing the auto-import on every inserted card?)

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