Slimbox & more Flash galleries for Lightroom

Matthew Campagna, a kindergarten teacher in South Korea, has modified the slick, lightweight (7kb), JavaScript-powered Slimbox Web gallery for Lightroom, offering it as a free download from his site.  Here’s a sample gallery generated using the template.  The site features installation instructions (straightforward once you know the file path, but something I’d like to make one-click easy in the future), as well as details on hacking the template for more options. [Via Richard Earney of]

Elsewhere, is devoted to just what you’d imagine.  I’m enjoying the LRG FlashFlex gallery.  It has some wonky qualities, and I’m not sure what purpose the draggability of images is supposed to serve, but fortunately it’s possible to tweak these parameters inside Lightroom (e.g. disabling dragging).  Use the installation instructions mentioned above to find the path to your templates folder. [Via]

If you know of other good Lightroom templates, please let me know.

6 thoughts on “Slimbox & more Flash galleries for Lightroom

  1. I have been checking out work by both of these guys and its pretty impressive. I am still hoping somebody is able to gin up a template/system that allows me to easily update my web main galleries (including custom headers).
    I am currently using the slimbox template and my custom header but everytime I want add a new image I have to essentially rebuild the page.
    There has go to be a better way to get lightroom to play nice as part of an an existing page. Maybe a way to load a html/css header into lightroom???
    St. Petersburg Photographer
    [I can’t speak to the specifics, but I know we’d like to find a way to make both template creation & content integration easier. Hopefully the Dreamweaver team can provide some ideas and guidance. I’d love to see both Bridge and Lightroom generating galleries that smoothly integrate into any page template, but especially slickly with DW templates & sites. –J.]

  2. I would like to see more options in the LR flash gallery. It would be nice to add a menu at the top so that people who view the slideshow have a way of navigating back to the previous page or the home page of my site. I know, under contact info, you have the opportunity of adding an email address or a web link. I can’t figure out how to format that web link so the that text that I input works properly and hyperlinks back to my home page, for example. I haven’t been able to find documentation on how to format that field, so if anyone has any idea and could post a reply I would appreciate it!
    Thank you! Holly

  3. Hi John,
    Matthew Campagna here. Just found this entry and wanted to thank you for the press. 😉
    In case you haven’t seen them, I’ve got a lot of other galleries in addition to the Slimbox gallery, as well as a few gallery index templates – all of them available from my site.
    [Good stuff, Matt–thanks. –J.]

  4. It would be great if there were a way to get access to a .fla file with Flash 8 in order to customize the gallery once it is created with Lightroom.
    [Depending on the gallery you’re using, you may be in luck: Adobe open-sourced the AMG gallery (download it here), and you can buy the source code to some of Felix’s work at Airtight Interactive. –J.]

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