Free 177-page Lightroom 1.1 overview available

Martin Evening, photographer/author/apparent insomniac, has just released a 177-page supplement to The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Book.  The supplement, in which Martin describes in detail all the new features found in Lightroom 1.1, is free not only to book owners, but to everyone. He writes,

I wanted to provide a free update for Lightroom 1.1 that would satisfy readers who had already bought the book as well as all those who hadn’t bought it yet but wanted to make sure they were up to speed on all the new program features.

The supplement is illustrated with 20MB of images and contains page cross references to the main book.  Lightroom News has the details on how to download the file from Peachpit.

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  1. Kelby also provides an update supplement to his latest lightroom book. You visit the publishers website to download the additional info.
    [Cool; I’ll go looking for that and will provide a link if possible. –J.]

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