Killer Veggies From Outer Space, + more 3D

0 thoughts on “Killer Veggies From Outer Space, + more 3D

  1. Loved both the Intimidating Salad artwork by Till Nowak and the real life sandwich art. I’m going to try to make some of those myself as they look really great 🙂
    BTW also some great student finalists in the 7th Adobe Design Achievement Awards. Did you maybe check them out already and have any thoughts on them?
    [Ah, I have been behind on checking those out. Thanks for the reminder to do so. –J.]

  2. I sent my brother a link to the papercraft Back to the Future DeLorean thinking that he would love it, and he sent me back a link to the slightly more refined work of Peter Callesen at
    [Oh yes, I’ve been meaning to blog Peter’s work for some time. Thanks for the reminder. –J.]
    I guess its time to rethink the types of material that I forward to my younger brother… 🙂

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