Adobe puts 3D insect eyes on your camera

“Why,” I wondered for a long time, “is a wild-haired Eastern European guy walking around our floor carrying a medium-format camera & a hot glue gun?”  The answer, I discovered, is that Adobe research scientist Todor Georgiev* has been working on algorithms for use with a plenoptic camera & was motivated to build his own lenticular lens array.

So, what does any of that mean?  The goal is to let cameras capture a moment in time from multiple slightly different perspectives.  The resulting image (a series of smaller images, actually) might then enable the photographer to change the focal distance of the photo after the fact, or to use depth information to aid in selecting & editing objects. has more info & images, and I think the potential comes through best in’s video of Adobe VP Dave Story showing off the lens.  Gizmodo writes, “It’s a way-cool demo, but it might be a while before you see such a fancy lens on everyday cameras. But a focus brush in Photoshop? Whoa. Sign us up.” [Via Cari Gushiken]

*Okay, his hair seems to be less wild these days, but Todor still kicks out “light reading” like this (PDF). I think I left my copy at the beach.

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  1. Presume if we have any questions, you’ll go back to the beach & look for the paper?
    Thanks for the T George pdf link now we can all make our own healing brush.
    [In an AIR app, naturally. 😉 –J.]

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