Wicked-cool Wii+Flash-powered hologram-thing

The crew at BLITZ Agency created an amazing interactive video installation for Adobe MAX, using non-traditional input devices to let people paint collaboratively.  As they describe it on their blog:

"Adobe Creativity Conducted" Interactive Wall Experience features a holographic-like projection system on which you can paint images and designs using a Nintendo Wii remote control. This full screen Flash application runs in HD resolution, and was premiered during the primary Adobe party of the MAX 07 Conference in Chicago. The experience ran uninterrupted for the duration of the party (4 hours), and received nonstop foot traffic resulting in 68 artistic creations submitted as images to a Flickr account.

Chek out the video of the system in action, and see some of the creations on Flickr.

I can’t tell you how much stuff like this trips my trigger.  I love the way the project makes drawing and painting a full-body 3D experience, and I love the way the SWF interface synthesizes great-looking art playfully.  One question, though: Why can’t I do anything like this in Photoshop or Illustrator?  What if we could crack open these apps and let people leverage the power of the Flash?  Hmm…  Erik Natzke has an idea of what that might look like (totally fake, unfortunately, at least for now).

Trying, as ever, to cross the streams,

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  1. Oh my, yes! That is incredible. Gives one ideas, you know?
    I’d love to see something like this used as a presentation tool, or mass performance art (like handing out a few dozen controllers to an audience and have them switch on and off randomly so nobody knows who is doing what or when). Couple that with some time-coded music samples and you’ve got a rave where everybody makes it happen.

  2. indeed how do i installed it on the Wii?
    [This project runs on a desktop computer, not on a Wii (which just supplies the controller). I believe it’s possible to run Flash on a Wii, but I don’t know the details. –J.]

  3. iv’e been tryiing to find someoone who knows about adobe flash and nintendo dsi’s do you know if adobe flash can be downloaded to the new nintendo DSI for use in seeing online video any suggestion would be greatly appreciated thanks jrc

  4. No man, sorry to say, but I`ve tryed a million times to download Adobe flash and Adobe stuff on my DSi, but it just dosent work because the DSi`s central memory system isnt good enough to compute all of the audio and video stuff. Im ticked too…

  5. hey man itsme secretssilent i love your website i think its the best[by the way i am a girl] i’ve been triying to get Adobe flash player on my DSi but it doesn’t work. i am 9 years old and i know all that tech stuff,but not this time,ya know what i mean. -peace-secretssilent[my real name is Lincee but my penname is secretssilent]

  6. I think that all the Wii and DSi need to run flash is an operating system.I ould suggest Penguin OS.
    P.S. This has been posted from a DSi.

  7. I know the system memory for a DSi is not big enough but does anyone know if flash player can be downloaded if you have a memory card in it ??

  8. ok, im on my DSI now, and i wanted to listen to my fav song on youtube, but it says i have to have this stupid ADOBE flash player, and its really ticking me off, because it doesnt have the DSI choice in the drop-down menu! im 11year old girl, and i know alot about technology and stuff, but for the fact half of the stuff you try to get on, on DSI web browser, its either out of memory and the page cant display right, or it just doesnt let you use it… you cant get on youtube,clubpenguin,webkinz,yahoomail,and im sure theres more, but someone need to do something about it. because its no fun just playing a game all day. this is just a repeat of the old DS, ecxept this 1 has a camera on it, and doesnt play GAMEBOY Games.

  9. they cant do anything without nintendos pemission because they will gain a law suit idiots especialy the 11-year old brat you people need to back off (^~^)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Its true to say that they need Nintendo’s premission before being able to add ability for Flash Player first. There is however, no reson to be rude to an 11-year old for wondering. Im also on my Dsi at the moment trying too get down to the bottom of this Flash Player problem for it. Im sure a lot of people are; but the best for us too all do is be patient about it and let Nintendo and the Administrators of Adobe disscuss the situation.

  11. This stinx (i ment to do that)i’m on a dsi rite now and i cant wotch my faveret video on youtub becos i need a flash plaer (i no my speling is a little off) wiy dont thay do somthing abowt it.
    ps:my name is Jesica,i am 13 and i’m not good with computers…
    pss:and yes i speld my name rite

  12. The dsi has two cameras, and if you get a flash card you can do much more than you can do without one, including playing gba games!
    P.S. 13, I know more about tech than most of the teachers
    P.P.S. Thank god for spell check ^_^

  13. well guys i haves been trying this forever and nothing works for this stupid flash player lol i want to get on youtube but it wont let me see anything !!!!!!!!!gosshhhhhh why does this have to happen???

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