Lightroom + Leopard: compatibility notes

Just a brief note: Lightroom PM Tom Hogarty has posted some notes concerning the state of compatibility between the current Lightroom 1.2 & Mac OS X Leopard.  Tom mentions that a Lightroom update is due in the next few weeks which should address the snags people are hitting.

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  1. Well, it turns out that Acrobat Professional 8.1 isn’t functioning in some tasks with Leopard. I think that was the reason for a report from me earlier that CS3 wasn’t working.
    My problem is getting CS3 apps to produce a file that will print on my Epson 9800StylusPro using Epson drivers –with the vibrance of a PostScript file that WAS made by Colorburst before Leopard.
    In other words, using photoshop for the design, how do I get an EPS file out for the printer? Through InDesign?

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