New video shows GridIron Flow in action

Last month I waxed the car of GridIron Flow, a new workflow management technology designed to work with Photoshop, the Creative Suite, and other tools.  Since then the product picked up a Best in Show nod at Macworld, and now you can see it in action in a video on their site.  In it company CEO Steve Forde shows Flow managing a workflow spreading across Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, and InDesign.

Flow isn’t yet shipping, but GridIron is accepting sign-ups for beta testing.

0 thoughts on “New video shows GridIron Flow in action

  1. Very nice. I hope they soon publish some specifics on the exact file types they will support and the overhead load that Flow will place on the system and disk space.

  2. This is great (although I’ve never considered myself a “prisoner” to my asset organization).
    With this and BuzzWord, Adobe has some companies to buy.

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