Adventures in album artwork

Back when vinyl was giving way to tapes & CDs, I heard purists bemoan the loss of a large-format way to distribute album artwork. Now with the prevalance of downloads, do you know offhand what artwork is attached to most of your music?  iTunes tries to help, but it’s an uphill battle. Anyway…

  • Nikolay Saveliev’s rad Pop Matters project consists of “Vinyl record sleeves with 2-sided insert featuring
    faux-academic material on pop music and the state of the
    record industry…
    Snuck onto used& new record store shelves.”  Personal fave: “Nickelback: The Recursiveness of Professional Mediocrity.”
  • Pitchfork picks The Worst Album Covers of 2007.
  • Listropolis has translated the artwork for Rolling Stone’s Top 20 Albums into color palettes. [Via]
  • Should classic album covers be redesigned every few years?  Ben Wardle makes that case, with examples. [Via]

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