Lightroom Podcast #52: Martin Evening

Adobe evangelist George Jardine recently filmed photographer Martin Evening walking through the results of a photo shoot for his upcoming Lightroom book.  George writes,

This podcast was recorded on Wednesday March 12, 2008 at Martin’s home in London. It gives us a rare glimpse into the inner thinking of this talented fashion and beauty photographer, as he gives us a shot-by-shot evaluation of a recent session. This video footage was taken during a photo session to create assets both for an upcoming Lightroom book, as well as for demo purposes for Adobe Systems. In it Martin describes his approach to every element of the shoot, from the model selection, the hair, the makeup, the lighting and camera angles, all the way through to the final edit.

This video podcast can be downloaded from my iDisk. It can also be viewed by downloading it directly into iTunes (if you are accessing it by subscribing via the Music Store), or by copying it into iTunes on either a Mac or a PC (if you’ve downloaded the iPod version from my iDisk). Once copied into iTunes, the small version can be transferred to a Video iPod or iPhone, and viewed that way as well.

The podcast (labeled "20080310 Video Podcast – Martin Evening Fashion Shoot") is in the Public directory of George’s iDisk. [Via]

0 thoughts on “Lightroom Podcast #52: Martin Evening

  1. For a PC user using the Firefox browser, instructions for getting the download or subscription are far from complete. Nor is it intuitive for non-Mac experienced users. Had to use IE TAB to get access options.

  2. Idisk access is pathetic from the UK 200K in 6 minutes. Tried searching for it on podcasts but only 5 items listed for Lightroom and nothing by George.
    Searched under Martin Evening, George Jardine, Lightroom. Anyone point me in the right direction?
    On a completely unrelated note, i was shopping today (really must stay out of Apple’s stores) and there was a big window display for Gap Maternity. Dear God it was a bad bit of photography. Model seemed tense, jeans didn’t match up with her belly button unless she was a pregnant contortionist and it looked like the photographer had dodged the belly and face to make her skin lighter and completely forgot about her hands which were incredibly dark in comparison. I can’t believe they blew it up to 12foot for the window.

  3. I got it thru itunes – but it is 20 minutes long. slow and kind of boring. i enjoy these podcasts… this one is a bit like looking at paint dry. could be 7 minutes long.
    but I was impressed by the huge monitor!

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