Calef Brown rocks

Having a wee man in the house certainly cuts into the time I’d otherwise put into scouring the Web for good bits to share; hence the dearth of illustration, photography, and type links lately.  On the other hand, it exposes me to books and illustrations I’d never otherwise see (not, y’know, being in the typical Pat the Bunny demographic).


My wife Margot turned me on to the works of the wonderful Calef Brown, poet & illustrator extraordinare.  Both the text and the art are hilariously loopy.  Check out some samples from Polkabats and Octopus Slacks to see what I mean.


Of course, it’s fun to revisit the classics as well–Goodnight Moon especially.  Each night as I read it aloud, I try to amuse Margot by sneaking in some new reference to illustrator Clement Hurd’s smoking habit–a penchant now hidden through Photoshop.  A little Googling reveals that other Photoshoppers couldn’t leave that news alone, staging a "What Is Clement Holding?" contest.  (Keep kids off the Soloflex!)

Next up, I need to prevail on my folks to send us my old & very well-loved set of Mercer Mayer’s A Boy, A Dog, and a Frog books–totally wonderful.

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  1. I have a fondness for Wm. Donahey’s “The Teenie Weenies” from about 1920 on:
    (ebay seller link – no affiliation)
    In it, you’ll find all manner of political incorrectness. I also enjoy the Loony Tunes stuff, pre-censorship.
    I know I grew up smoking because of Clement. And I routinely shoot people, throw TNT into rabbit holes, and believe bashing people with frying pans is a real hoot. I figure much of American society must be in the same cartoon-influenced boat.

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