Photoshop Express now does Flickr

Woot, there it is!  The subject line pretty much says it all: you can now browse and edit your photos stored on Flickr right from within Photoshop Express.  I’ve just given the integration a whirl and, yep, it works like a charm.  Similar hooks are available for photos stored on Facebook, Photobucket, and Picasa.  (I’ve been uploading just to my own site since becoming, uh, photographically obsessed with one little subject, but maybe this will draw me back to using a service as well.)


As long as we’re on the subject, what’s your take on the importance of integrating services like Flickr into Photoshop?  There’s an obvious appeal in being able to upload right from Lightroom, but should we make it possible to browse & open images on & co. right from within Photoshop?  (Let’s imagine we could drop in an optional little Flash widget as a browser palette/panel, or maybe enable browsing via Adobe Bridge.)  What about being able to save edits back to the service?  Just curious.

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  1. I think most people who read this blog consider themselves Photoshop Pros (why would my mother know who you were?) and so wouldn’t really ‘use’ PSex. Like many people, I checked it out the day it was released. But why would a reader of your blog use that to take care of red-eye? So this is really a question the PM of PSex or Adobe Marketing should post on their blog.
    For Real PS, your “Bridge” scenario sounds good, as long as the gallery templates were easily customizable (not just fonts and background colors, everything. For photo posting, you use Moveable Type because, as a pro, it’s totally customizable (I use WordPress).
    In addition to uploading to “” (whatever that is), one should have the ability to post to any private (or public) server. That would ease the creepiness of having to store my kid’s pictures, for example, on Adobe or Flickr (or whoever’s) servers.

  2. Hi John:
    It seems like Adobe already has some sort of common architecture for widgets or plugins that could be accessed from either Bridge or Photoshop to send images to Flickr, et al.
    This is VERY handy from Aperture and while it is useful in Lightroom 2.0, exporting in general leaves a lot to be desired by comparison.

  3. Is it too much of a strecth to envisage the PSX account folder also being visible in Lightroom?
    [I can certainly imagine being able to import images from PSX or other remote repositories, then export them back to those spots. Maybe it wouldn’t have to look & feel like an import/export process, but rather could just work that way under the hood (caching a local copy of the image so that editing remains fast and responsive). I should note that this is just me thinking aloud, not a point on which I’ve consulted the LR folks. –J.]

  4. I do not care for Flickr… but I think that photo editors should be able to access remote networked stores.

  5. Honestly, I’d be more interested in Lightroom integration than Photoshop integration. I don’t want to open and edit images from the web so much as I’d like them to be part of one big database of all my work, wherever it might live – which Lightroom is probably a better tool for.
    Being able to keep a Lightroom catalog (or collection) synchronized with Flickr would be even better. I’m thinking mostly about keywords/tags – but synchronizing edits would be pretty awesome too – say if LR knew which negatives corresponded to which photos on Flickr and let me replace those photos on Flickr with new versions.
    And some kind of integration between Lightroom and Photoshop Express would be great too. Synchronizing edit histories is probably a pipe dream, but maybe something similar to the way it’s done between Lightroom 2.0 and Photoshop could be employed.

  6. It’s going to be interesting to see what becomes of Photoshop Express. Will people think of it as a place to store and display photos that also does editing, or will it be thought of as a place that is used for editing photos that are stored elsewhere?
    Either way, the lack of color profile recognition is troubling to me.
    I want to use it as a replacement for Flickr or Picasa web albums. I’ll stick with Lightroom for editing.
    I think that integration with Elements and Album Starter Edition would be high on the list for Express. I’d like to be able to steer people to a better combination than Picasa and Picasa Web Albs.

  7. The ability to connect to any service should be done through a plugin that the user can choose to install. Lets not bloat the software so that a meg of available memory is the minimum required to open the program.

  8. Assuming one day I actually get a Web site going (after acquiring photographic talent, that’s first) I would like to be able to upload to my personal Web site from within Photoshop. And since Flickr has a good site for pro photogs, that might be a good option, too.

  9. Wow, pretty cool the integration between Photoshop Express and Flickr. I would love to see a bidirectional integration in Photoshop as well. For now I’ve just seen a Mac plug-in only for uploading:
    Since we are on web integration topic, I would kill for a “send a jpg by mail” feature, that would allow to send immediately previews of PSD files while working, without having to save a JPG each time and going into the mail app.

  10. Hey John,
    When will Adobe begin to build and ship new ICC version 4 profiles with their software’s? ICC v4 has been out for quite some time and your entire discriminating color geek user base is generating their own v4 profiles using other commercial software packages. It would be helpful if we did not have to customize and we could tell our users to just use what comes with CS4.

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