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New fatherhood -> sleep deprivation (yeah, still) -> abandoning any pretense of categorization.  That said, here are a few interesting bits I’ve seen lately:


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  1. I can’t understand why everyone gets so upset about the CS3 Icons. I, for one, think that the are elegant in their simplicity and very useful. I find it far easier to remember that the Ps, Br and LR elemental type symbols stand for Photoshop, Bridge and Lightroom than trying to remember that the seashell was for your File Browser and the Blue Feather was for your Photo editor and the Orangy Feather was for Image Ready (What was that supposed to be for anyway?), and what did the flower actually do anyway?
    Now I have developed my right brain enough to appreciate the cool graphics of the previous set of icons, but my dominant left brain truly likes the CS3 icon set.
    Please John, don’t let the Right-Brained Designer Mafia talk you out of the direction you took the new icons. Just because there were a bunch of people who took the time (wasted?) to complain about the icons, doesn’t mean that all the rest of the people that use the suite with actual lives don’t appreciate and like the new icons.
    Hate the Photoshop Family icon by the way… A blue pill with a triangle at the bottom?

  2. Look for Pascal Dangin’s cameo in the Sex and the City movie. They dangle “Vogue airbrushing” as a carrot for Carrie.

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