Friday photos: Earthquakes, birds, war, & more

  • Slate features an excellent photo essay from Magnum photographer Thomas Dworzak, Wars: Chechnya and Iraq.  The subject is heavy, but his sardonic narration is well worth a listen.
  • Happening to have a camera on hand during a terrible interruption yielded this rather amazing earthquake wedding photo gallery. [Via]
  • The NYT profiles photographer Nikola Tamindzic.  “He uses long exposures, then shakes the camera while the shutter is still open, causing colors to blur and lights to streak. ‘I’m not recording what is really happening, but it’s something like what the brain is seeing late at night, especially if maybe you’re drunk or very excited,’ he said.” [Via]   On his own site he offers one of the more punishing self portaits I’ve ever seen.
  • Ernesto Scott teaches photography near my old home town & offers lots of lovely bird shots.
  • Raw in the raw: camera tech nerds (or just the curious) may enjoy Looking at a Real NEF Bayer Pattern. [Via Dave Polaschek]
  • Photographer Jay Maisel is offering more intensive NYC-based photography workshops (July 14-18, Sept. 15-19, and Nov. 17-21).  Details are on his site.

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  1. Have you heard anything about the incompatibility with Photoshop CS3 and the latest release of Leopard (10.5.3)?
    I enjoy reading you blog everyday. Keep up the good work.

  2. Laura – it would help if you told us what incompatibility you were referring to…..
    [It’s this one. I don’t yet have more useful info to share. –J.]

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