DestroyFlickr! (in a nice way)

The curiously named DestroyFlickr has nothing to do with destruction & everything to do with browsing your images via a desktop application.  Specifically, it’s an Adobe AIR app (essentially a Flash SWF running on the desktop, outside the browser) that lets you navigate your photostream through an attractive, minimalist gray interface.  According to the developer,


With the support of both drag and drop uploading and downloading, posting and saving photos is done in one easy motion. Now you can download the highest resolution version of a photo without having to see it first—just drag a thumbnail to the download menu and the download begins. [Via]



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  1. Downloaded this yesterday and love it. There are some things I wish it did … like letting you browse contacts’ most photos (right now it only displays the last 5)… but I think changes like that are coming. (According to his site, he’s unable to make changes to the app until after 6/30 because he entered the application into the Adobe Design Achievment Awards.)

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