Dolla Dolla Bill, Mickey D's, and more


  • "Change We Can Believe In": the guys compare the new
    currency designs
    of the UK & US.  (Honestly, the giant purple Helvetica "5" is a prank… right?) [Via]


*or "David Car-five-n," as an art director of mine used to call him due to his once-unorthodox method of substituting characters, e.g. "5" for "s"

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  1. Mentioning David Carson gives me flashbacks of of going to school in the early 90s. I’d paste some random stuff together in Pagemaker, say Carson was my major influence, and the professors applauded and gave me my degree.
    I didn’t even find out who he actually was until later.

  2. You wrote “(Honestly, the giant purple Helvetica “5” is a prank… right?)”.
    No, it is not.
    I found the following web page.
    About half-way down the page is the following.
    Low-Vision Feature: The large, easy-to-read number “5” in the lower right corner on the back of the bill, which helps those with visual impairments distinguish the denomination, is now enlarged in the new $5 bill design and printed in high-contrast purple ink.
    end quote
    William Overington
    12 June 2008

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