Use Bridge to extract metadata

I’ve gotten a few inquiries lately about whether it’s possible to extract metadata from images and other files using Adobe Bridge.  Short answer: Absolutely.  Try John Hake’s workflow automation scripts, one of which (Metadata_BR.jsx) extracts metadata from selected files and generates Comma Separated Value (CSV) reports.


To do more with Bridge automation, check out this Flash-enabled JPEG export script, and download the Bridge SDK to write your own scripts. [Via David Franzen]

0 thoughts on “Use Bridge to extract metadata

  1. Where can I find a blog by David Franzen?
    Does he have one?
    [Not that I know of, but I’ll ask him. –J.]

  2. Thanks, I’ve been looking for an easy way to export metadata to csv.
    Unfortunately, I can’t get the script to work.
    JavaScript error (Photoshop:1701): WasLoader is undefined.
    I don’t have WorkflowScriptLoader.jsx and WasScriptLibrary.jsx, and the readme says these files are prerequisites.

  3. What about the opposite? Is there a way to import metadata from a CSV or other text file??
    [And map it onto images? I’m sure that can be done. It’s all a matter of writing a script that does what you want. –J.]

  4. How about getting this little gem to work in CS4. And it really neesd to export to an XML file.
    Adobe gives us no way to export a directory’s worth of XML, PERIOD!

  5. I do not see the “Export XML for Spry Gallery” in Bridge’s Tool menu. I’m using Bridge CS4, but also did not see it in CS3, which I also tried. Any advice? Thanks.

  6. Disregard my last post. I moved the “Export XML for Spry Gallery” file to Program Files/Common Files/Adobe/Startup Scripts CS4/Adobe Bridge and it works perfectly. Thank you.

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