Feedback, please: Scripting the Suite

"I’m trying to understand how to make life better for script developers," writes Adobe developer evangelist Mark Niemann-Ross, "and a couple of minutes of your time would tell me worlds about your needs. When you’ve got five minutes to spare, please point a browser at this survey.  Thanks!"
[Update: Mark replies to some tea-leaf-reading about doom (or lack thereof) for AppleScript support.]

0 thoughts on “Feedback, please: Scripting the Suite

  1. I love advancing the suite with some small scripts. Some workflows can be done so fast with the use of scripts so I think, scripting is a very important point.
    I’m looking forward to more scripting possibilities (as SWF-extensions may be implented some day) because I think it’s a great enrichment for users if they can adjust the suite to their current workflows as good as possible.

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