LightWave Rendition for Photoshop now shipping

The folks at NewTek are now shipping Lightwave Rendition, their 3D lighting and rendering add-on for Photoshop Extended.  According to the press release:

The resulting output delivers a high-quality, photo-realistic image, all from within the Photoshop Extended environment.


LightWave Rendition ships with sample projects and a library of 3D model art. The product also includes support for 3D models from a variety of applications, including LightWave 3D, Google™ SketchUp’s 3D Warehouse or many readily available 3D formats.  It includes:


  • Slider Controls for Render and Anti-Alias Quality, allowing for quick preview renders up to photo-quality images.
  • Material Presets for the option to apply a preset material or any selected Photoshop materials to the surface of your 3D object for complete flexibility in design.
  • Light Environments open the use of the default Photoshop Extended lighting environment or users can add to the power of LightWave Rendition for Adobe Photoshop by using any 2D layer as a light map for complete control of the final light environment.

The product is $149 for Mac and Windows & is available for purchase and download from the NewTek site.

0 thoughts on “LightWave Rendition for Photoshop now shipping

  1. It is probably wonderful (I don’t know, because they charged to be a beta tester). But for the same money, you get so much more control from Strata 3D[in].

  2. I’m so glad that Photoshop finally is supporting 3D. I’ve seen the Rendition-examples some weeks ago and they were just awesome.
    I’m looking forward to a realtime 3D-editing plugin for Photoshop (like a lightweight subdivision modeler). Who knows 😉

  3. I wish After Effects had all this native 3D coolness, where it might be more practical for the majority of that app’s users… Flat cards in 3D space can only get you so far…

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