Developers: Info on driving CS via AIR, Flash

If you’re interested in using Flash or AIR to extend and automate the apps of the Adobe Creative Suite, check out the Quarterly Creative Suite Developer Update Web conference, scheduled for Thursday, August 7th, at 9:00am Pacific time.


Amidst the other presentations, Adobe engineer Bernd Paradies will be talking for 15 minutes about a pair of technologies he’s developing:


  • "SwitchBoard" (see previous) lets AIR apps communicate with Photoshop and other CS3 apps via JavaScript
  • "PatchPanel" is a library that aims to standardize the scripting interface between Flash panels & the CS apps.  Instead of writing separate commands for each host, PatchPanel will make it possible to write common commands that are translated on the fly for each environment.


The session will be recorded and will be available for later viewing if you can’t make it in person.

0 thoughts on “Developers: Info on driving CS via AIR, Flash

  1. This is going to be some truly powerful stuff. I play in the Flex scape most of the time and without your blog I would be painfully unaware of Adobe’s progress in allowing Flex to extend/enhance their CS3 applications, especially Bridge.
    On that note, I’ve been hearing lots of buzz about Adobe’s partnership with Alfresco on the LifeCycle content management piece. Any plans to support browsing/uploading to Alfresco within Bridge?
    [We don’t have any near-term plans, but it sounds like an interesting idea (and just the sort of thing Bridge is suited to supporting). –J.]
    I’ve been toying with the idea of writing a Flex panel to do that as my company has started using Alfresco on a few projects, but I’d much rather Adobe come out and officially embrace/support Alfresco and sunset Version Cue.

  2. We really need some “javascript for programming newbies” resources that aren’t primarily about web development. I’ve purchased some books and examined many more via Safari Bookshelf, but they all concentrate on websites.
    There are some more specialized titles, but they assume you’re already experienced in programming other languages. The Adobe scripting resources fall into this category. As does the usual advice I receive when asking about this: “open existing scripts and examine them”.

  3. Oh wonderful, more trashy Flash on Mac! Can’t wait for even more state of decline on the Mac side in regard to Adobe technologies. Gotta love the continual loss of basic OS features in exchange for the “privilege” to experience Adobe stuff! I wonder if Silverlight will ignore OS X mouse scrolling too; and maybe Sun will pull the subpar hat trick with javafx. By the way hats off to the Acrobat team for the awesome scrolling capabilities in the new “portfolio” feature that don’t respond to the mouse wheel. And before I forget to mention it, I want to add that everyone here at the office is beginning to think that Adobe applications aren’t quite taking long enough to boot these days. While launching an Adobe application is synonymous around the building with “time for a coffee break”, some of us were hoping the engineers might shoot for something closer to a lunch break. The most recent sore spot is Illustrator, it’s launch time is landing a lot of us in between a standard coffee run and a quick lunch-hence upon committing to the tough decision on whether or not to launch the app, it becomes even harder to decide on whether to go for the relaxed coffee run or the speedy lunch dash. Decisions, decisions.

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