I recently got word that I’ve been selected to receive an incredibly nice honor–induction into the Photoshop Hall of Fame.  I’ve hesitated to mention it for fear of sounding like a shameless little self promoter; on the other hand, it would be worse to seem ungrateful, so to all the folks at the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, thanks so much!  I am honored indeed.


I do feel kind of sheepish about this–not through any false modesty, but because there are dozens of incredibly talented, hard-working folks who’ve logged many more years than I have on the Photoshop team, and who right now continue to gut it out in all kinds of unglamorous ways.  I can flap my gums all day, but it’s their work that really makes the difference.  They deserve the credit and exposure, so maybe I can get cranking on some profiles so that you can get to know more of the peeps behind PS.  In the meantime, thanks, guys, for letting me represent you.




PS–Here’s a trippy little twist: having returned to O’Hare this morning to pick up luggage we’d abandoned at midnight (following an epic and awful rain-delayed flight with infant), I walked up behind none other than NAPP chiefs Scott Kelby and Dave Moser.  I got to thank them in person for the honor and to wish them good shooting as they teach Chicago Bears bigwigs about sports photography.

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  1. Congratulations, John. This is as good an occasion as any to note that, despite the suggestions and gripes that from time to time find their way into the comments, you and your team have put together a helluva fine product that has changed the world of graphics and photography. Your leadership surely had a lot to do with that, so the NAPP recognition is well-deserved. Savor the moment.

  2. Congrats John. Well deserved.
    However, I always worry a little about that term “induction.” It sounds like something that happens near the air intake to a race car. Hope the process is painless. 🙂

  3. Hey John,
    Well, you knew it was coming sooner or later, right? A well deserved congratulations and well wishes as you dart about the country with an infant – days that I’m glad are well behind me! 😉

  4. Congratulations and agree… well deserved, if for no other reason trying to take this incredible, multi faceted tool and making it more palatable to the masses. Secondarily, profiling folks on your team… Absolutely, and letting them share insights, information & tips… well, that would just be plain cool… on a number of levels. Well again, congrats and as always thank you for the wonderful, incredible work you’re doing. –Rich

  5. Congratulations, John, from Argentina!
    Scott Kelby don’t be wrong!
    Thank you for the incredible and wonderful work you’re doing, like Rich tell you.
    Congrats, one more time!

  6. Congratulations John,
    I really think you deserve this honor.
    I read your blog every day during my morning coffee. Not only because it’s so interesting but mainly because you almost never meet a company that gives you the possibility to talk to them this directly. I think you actually let us talk to the company itself.
    We now take it for granted but I think it’s really quite unusual that you can speak to, comment and criticize a company this directly. Which takes a lot of courage too.
    Photoshop at the moment is one of the most important pieces of software around.
    It’s part of our digital life, it’s even in our dictionary. For a company like Adobe it really needs a somebody to accompany this in the digital world. That’s where you come in. Of course there are a lot of guru’s around but I think you you play in a different league.
    Every company should hire a person like you to present, protect, and defend a great piece of software. This is why I think you really deserve this honor.
    [Thanks, Rudi! –J.]

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