Apropos of absolutely nothing Adobe-related, happy 08-08-08!  I’m especially into the date as I was born at 10:08 on this day 33 years ago.  I celebrated my birthday on 8-8-88 watching the first Chicago Cubs night game on TV.  (It being the Cubbies, they got rained out.)  I’m told the series of 8’s is auspicious, so I wish you happiness, good fortune, and delightful pixel-wrangling.  And with that, I’m closing the computer to have some good times with the family here in Illinois.

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  1. Happy Birthday, John. Mine was on the 8th, but 2 months earlier. There is a saying that people born on the 8th generally hold important positions. Let’s hope that’s true.

  2. Hey John,
    Just got back from a backyard cookout for a friend with the same birthday. 0808. (She was born a few more than 33 years ago!)
    As it said in the invitation to her party, “Eight’s the best number.”
    Enjoy the time with your family.
    All the best,

  3. Guys Im new to l/b
    how do we achieve that ” exposure ” recovery mode that comes in the light box , in ps c3 meaning can we do the same , cant recover the burned hi lites in the c3 but yes with the l/b syatem thanks

  4. Hey, Happy B-Day, John!! And congratulations for the Hall of Fame. Indeed, it’s a nice number for a birth date. I went to Wikipedia, just out of curiosity, and found some interesting people who were born on the same day.
    Among others, are Emiliano Zapata (Mexican revolutionary), Dino De Laurentiis (Italian film producer), Dustin Hoffman (American actor), The Edge (U2 guitarist)…
    You’re in good company 😉

  5. Happy B-day, youngster! Hope you rocked the weekend with the family in y(our) hometown. Now get over to SIGGRAPH…

  6. Ah, that’s what I miss for taking a day off from your blog…happy belated. I will be certain to raise a glass to you this evening…after teaching a Photoshop class!
    in cool, cloudy Seattle,

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