Photoshop ephemera

  • PopPhoto’s Debbie Grossman paid a visit to the Adobe Mothership a couple of weeks ago, getting a grand tour from Bryan Hughes & chatting with modest brainiacs like Jeff Chien.  Showing tons of daring, she underwent Kelly Castro’s black & white process–the first woman to do so.  (“That’s because it makes men look tough and women look like hell," she writes.)  [Related/previous: Jeff Schewe’s Visit to Adobe.]
  • At Siggraph last week, Zorana Gee encountered the guys from OnLatte ("You got it right: we make industrial robot machines that do nothing but pretty up tasty beverages") and had them put the Photoshop icon on foam (image two).
  • Photoshop: Helping The Ugly Since 1988. [Spied by Tom Hogarty on the Caltrain yesterday]
  • Slate presents Politishop.  (Is it finally time for us to introduce Brushy the Talking Airbrush ("Hey, pardner, it looks like you’re tryin’ to retouch a photo")?  [Via Adam Jerugim]
  • This isn’t Photoshop-specific, but I noticed that has added a slick new search widget to the site.  Groovy, as previously I’d resorted to using Google (typing "site:" plus a search term into the search field).

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  1. Cool — even if scaldingly hot! Of course, that OnLatte-printing highlights very clearly that “the Photoshop icon” is hardly an icon at all, but just a dull square with the dull letters PS. Ah yes, it’s been a while since anyone griped about that topic, so I figured we now — a few months from the impending CS4 release — needed to rub some salt in that ol’ wound again. 😉
    [Oh, don’t worry: you’ll get a whole new chance soon enough. –J.]

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