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  1. Greetings Jack,
    I created some flash “goodness” 360 degree pano for the 2008 Keeneland Fall Meet in the “horse arena” in Lexington, KY
    (this file is slow to load)
    Keeneland is known as the boutique racetrack in America. The ambient light was suburb this day.
    Please consider a spring 2009 Adobe staff meetings here in Kentucky and attend the Keeneland Spring Meet. Its worth every pixel photoshop can render!
    Ken in KY
    Composite photo(s) rendered in PS3

  2. I liked that piece a lot–but couldn’t figure out why they didn’t make an effort to keep the currently moved state layered above all the others. Too, it was a weird mix of actually tracking his hand (or super great synch) and pre-rendered sequences.

  3. Certain companies should stay far, far away from touch technology as they only care enough to implement it primarily as a gimmick. Usability is the alpha and omega success factor of this technology and a significant portion of pc manufacturers are dumping all over it in the name of novelty. By and large the tech world has always struggled with the concept of just because you can doesn’t mean you should For example, look at the HP Touchscreen, this item reeks of Coors Light’s temperature sensitive “cold certified™” label technology (those silly blue mountains). Talk about the decline of western innovation. Oy Vey!
    Art is the elimination of the unnecessary.” ~Pablo Picasso

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