Me & Woz, down by the schoolyard

Quick–which of the following doesn’t seem to belong?


Somehow I’ve gotten tapped to serve as a judge with these guys for a digital art contest connected to Macworld:


The Macworld Conference and Expo Digital Art Gallery is now accepting artwork submissions. Images chosen will be exhibited at Macworld being held at Moscone Center in San Francisco January 6-9, 2009.


This competition is open to all Macintosh digital artists in the United States and the cost to enter is $20.00 per artist with a 3-image limit. Artists may enter in either the Student or Hobbyist/Professional category.


I’m kind of tripped out (and flattered) to have any association, however tangential, with a guy whose signature adorned the Apple IIgs after which I lusted in 7th grade.  If the contest is up your alley, don’t delay: the deadline to enter is this Friday, Oct. 31.  More details are on the site.

3 thoughts on “Me & Woz, down by the schoolyard

  1. Don’t sell yourself short Jack :).. I think you do a lot for the creative community at large and deserve a seat at the table.
    Good luck!

    Scott Barnes
    Rich Platforms Product Manager
    [Heh–thanks, Scott. I wasn’t fishing, honest… –J.]

  2. Dear John,
    Congratulations on being chosen to judge the contest.
    You may be interested to learn about our UK Print Design Competition open to students and professionals alike.
    The grand prize winner will be awarded up to 1000 GBP in prizes.
    The top 100 entries will win a T shirt and have their design displayed on our UK website .
    Contest categories include:
    • Business card
    • Invitation card
    • Christmas card
    Students and professionals can submit their designs here.
    Feel free to download this web page linked above and post it on your website.
    The judges of this event include:
    * Professor Dan Fern, Head of the School of Communications, Royal College of Art
    * Susan Pandit, Dean of the School of Printing and Publishing, London College of Communication, University of the Arts London
    * Henrik Müller-Hansen, Chief Executive Officer of
    Please pass this message along to your colleagues.
    Thank you in advance,
    [Thanks for the info, Paul. –J.]

  3. Hey John!
    Congrats on the honor. I still remember the day I met Peter Max, and all I did was shake his hand.
    And enjoy the moment of celebrity. At least you’re not on Hollywood Squares, sitting next to Alf!
    [Thanks, Jon. Jerry Harris, Photoshop brush/GPU engineer and the guy behind PixelPaint, says that Peter used PixelPaint back in the day. –J.]

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