Status updates on Configurator, etc.

Lots of people seem eager to get a hold of Configurator and the new Pixel Bender filter gallery for Photoshop CS4 & are asking when they’ll be available.  We decided to give both tools a little extra bake time, so look for them to appear on Adobe Labs within the next two weeks.  Also stay tuned for a Camera Raw update for CS4 that’ll include a number of nice little surprises.

2 thoughts on “Status updates on Configurator, etc.

  1. “Also stay tuned for a Camera Raw update for CS4 that’ll include a number of nice little surprises.”
    Hmmm, could it be that we’ll get Pixel Bender support in Camera Raw/Lightroom Develop? If not, you can consider this a feature request 🙂
    [Request for “more Go-Fast Sauce in raw processing” noted. Whether or not PB is useful for those tasks, I don’t know. GPUs are pretty fascinating, and there are some things they do really well & others really badly. One also pays a huge performance tax if/when it’s necessary to read data back off the card. The upshot is that the GPU/Pixel Bender may or may not be useful to improve LR/ACR. (Not being an engineer, I can’t speak usefully to the detailed pros & cons.) –J.]
    In any case, I’m curious to see what’s around the corner.
    [It’s smallish stuff, but I think you’ll like it. –J.]

  2. “Request for “more Go-Fast Sauce in raw processing” noted.”
    To clarify, I think both Camera Raw and especially Lightroom Develop would benefit from a third party plug-in mechanism. Pixel Bender is an obvious (initial) candidate, as it is simple, fast and platform-independent. On the GPU/CPU issue, I guess it should be possible to switch execution between the two modes, depending on the number of plug-ins and the GPU/CPU speeds, but the PS/LR/ACR engineers will undoubtedly know better…

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