All PSCS4 menu items & their scripts

Descend with me, won’t you, into the deepest nerd-mines…


In order to support Configurator, we needed to create a rather gigantic spreadsheet ("The Big List") that included the text string for nearly every menu item in Photoshop, along with the JavaScript (ExtendScript) equivalent of each.  We also filled in descriptions for many of the items, and Configurator uses these when displaying tooltips. 

In case this stuff is useful to you (e.g. you’re a scripter and just want to know the brute-force way to execute some menu item), I’ve posted the XLS and CSV flavors of the list for download.  (I say "brute force" because these strings were generated by the Scripting Listener plug-in & in many cases aren’t as elegant as what one could write by hand.)

3 thoughts on “All PSCS4 menu items & their scripts

  1. John — I was all excited when I saw this post that Configurator was out.. Then I realized I was wrong. Any chance it’s coming soon since you posted this? Thanks!
    [I’m hoping it’ll go up Sunday night. –J.]

  2. YOur blog is without doubt a great way to keep completely up to speed with stuff, and configurator looks fantastic, and it is great to see direct interaction with everyday users.
    Now, how about the ability to TURN OFF THE SHOUTING PANEL TAB TEXT like you can in InDesign please???
    As an ex-kindergarten language specialist we all know we learn to read partly by shape – so dog is different to pat – but in Adobe world pat the dog could be PAT THE DOG or PUT THE DIG.
    This could be some kind of configurator option if you cant squeeze it into preferences, or like ID just add a blank subfolder.

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